Downtown Association of Fairbanks – Fairbanks Alaska


Reach out to the delegates visiting Fairbanks from Alaska Natives villages, smile and say hello to these resilient and talented Alaskans, welcome them to downtown. The mission of the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) is to enhance and promote the cultural, economic and political voice of the entire Alaska Native community. We at the Downtown Association of Fairbanks are just so pleased that AFN chose Fairbanks to be the place to work on and refine that worthy mission.

One or two buses will be dropping AFN delegates off at the log cabin on 1st Avenue on Thursday and Friday, October 21st and 22nd, for lunch. They will arrive at approximately 12:15 PM and will have to re-board the buses to head back to the Carlson Center at 1:05 PM. All of the information gathered about downtown restaurants lunch specials can be found on the AFN website, and don’t forget we promised lunch to AFN visitors in 20 minutes or less. Thank you downtown businesses for your support of this great conference.

The cultural opportunities presented by hosting AFN are simply outstanding, and the civic and economical benefits are numerous as well. The most obvious ways for us as individuals to participate in this broad reaching and significant conference is through attending the Arts and Crafts Fair as well as the awe inspiring Quyana dance performances. The schedules for these two activities are as follows:

Schedule for October 21 – 23, 2010

Arts and Crafts Fair, Free to the public:

8AM until 7PM on Thursday, October 21

8AM until 7PM on Friday, October 22

8AM until 4PM on Saturday, October 23

Quyana Alaska, $10 per person:

7PM until 11PM on Thursday, October 21

7PM until 11PM on Friday, October 22

All events take place at the Carlson Center.

Please consider going to these AFN events, enrich your understanding of Alaska Native art and culture and perhaps find a unique gift to take home.

AFN is Alaska’s largest Native organization; the membership includes 178 villages, 13 regional Native corporations and 12 regional nonprofit and tribal consortiums. AFN is governed by a 37 member board, which is elected by its membership at the annual convention which is happening right now, right here in Fairbanks. We at the Downtown Association wish the AFN delegates and Board members all the best and hope that they have a successful conference here in the golden heart of Alaska.

Downtown Association of Fairbanks – Fairbanks Alaska